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This project was set up as a repository for biographical data regarding exhibitionism and public masturbation experiences in society. Reports include perspectives from observers and those who sexually exhibit themselves or masturbate in public. This study is attempting to determine if there is a difference between illegal exhibitionism and healthy exhibitionism. If so, then where shall the boundary between the two be defined?

If you are a victimizer or you engage in illegal exhibitionism you need to seek professional psychiatric treatment. This website can not help you, and this is not a place to promote the offenses mentioned in the previous sentence. We need the readers and contributors that visit this website to Report Violations of this policy in order to maintain the integrity of this study.



The Exhibitionist
An article written by Andrew Toth
Thoughts on Legal and Healthy Exhibitionism
An Exhibitionist Editorial by Kermit Ho

Exhibitionist Post Mission Statement
Information about the intentions of this website subsection, examples, and editor contact details.

An interactive resource for the public's biographical information regarding exhibitionism.

Personal experience stories in a documentary format


Exhibitionist Stories and Public Masturbation

Readers can instantly publish a personal experience at the link above. For more exhibitionist stories, check out the following archive pages:

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Information about the intentions of this website-subsection, examples,
and editor contact details.
Exhibitionist Mission Statement

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