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In an effort to publish a text on exhibitionist behaviors and philosophies in modern society, this page is intended for an academic sociological collection of experiences and opinions regarding exhibitionism only. We attempt to provide a conservative, yet open-minded, format to preserve the integrity of this project and to protect the viewpoints of all our contributors.

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TITLE: Out of Control at times

I'm not an exhibitionist, however, my wife has always liked to show herself to men and does so every chance she gets. She refuses to waar pants to work, always a dress or skirt. I think the only thing she enjoys more than knowing a total stranger is looking up her skirt or watching her masterbate while driving her sports car is telling me about her experiences. Don't get me wrong, she doesn't do it every day but several times a month she will dress as sexy as she can and head to the mall or some large event where a lot of men will be. To the best of my knowledge she has only let things get out of control twice. The first time she did, it was because she had let our daughters boyfriend see her sunbathing in the nude and she ended up getting all worked up when he developed a monster hardon. One thing led to another and she ended up giving him his first blowjob to completion. I think he still gets horny everytime hes around the house. The last time she lost control was with an auto mech. that she had taken her car to for some repair work, she wore a short dress and skimpy underwear on purpose because she wanted to give a little show but she couldn't keep things under control when he began to rub himself and complimented her on her panties. I know a lot of people think I'm crazy for letting her do this sort of thing, but I have to admit that I get turned on knowing that other men are looking at her and now that I know for sure that she has had oral sex with at least two guys she flashed, I am thinking that I would like to watch her do the next guy but I don't know how to bring it up.

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GENDER: Female
TITLE: Photo Album

I'm a stay at home step-mom with my step-son, who is a young man. My husband is 17 years older and is a perfect match for me. Ever since highschool, I have known that I like to tease men and women by letting them get a quick peek at a breast or an up skirt shoot. My husband has actually help me take my exhibitionism to the next level. Since he is self employeed and does not need to worry about what an employer or co-workers think, he is free to do pretty much as he pleases. About 5 months ago he talked me into letting him post some pictures of me on the internet, one of the alt. binaries (free) sites. I love to pose in lingerie and have also done some nude and a few of me masterbating with a dildo, but so far we haven't done any hard core for the net. In addition to posting some very sexy lingerie shoots on the internet, we also have a priviate photo album we keep in our bedroom. Almost all the photos are of me peeing or going down on my husband, many include facial cum shoots. Last week I was going to add several new pics to the album and found that several pages were stuck together and it was pretty obvious that my husband had been jacking off and hit the pages with some of his cum. When I teased him about it, he was very surprised and said it wasn't him. Last Sunday I came home early from a shopping trip and found my step-son with his pants down and jacking off as hard as I've ever seen a man do it, sure enough, he splattered all over a few of the pictures of me. At first I was very angry and began to scream at him and called a sick freak. I had no sooner said those words than I realized what a mistake it had been, after all, I have watched his father jack off looking at my pictures many times of couse he ejackulated on me and not on the pictures. We spent the next hour setting and talking through the incident and he now understands not to shoot on the pictures, I'm a little surprised that knowing he has seen all the pictures of me that it hasn't bothered me a little more than it did. I have no desire to have sex with my step son but at the same time I don't mind him jacking off because seeing my pictures get him hot. I have suggested that we make a second photo album and let my step-son keep the one he has marked. My husbands biggest concern is that he might show some of his friends the album and thats when I reminded him that most male teanage boys know all the sex sites like the one we have been posting to so they have probably already seen the best of me.

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Exhibitionism Stories

SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
TITLE: the boat ride

I will never forget my 14th birthday. I grew up in a very small town along the Front Range of Colorado and had the same small group of friends until we graduated and went our seperate ways. My father had passed away when I was very young and my mother as I learned a little later in my teens loved to have men visit at all hours. Looking back I now realize that I had walked in on my mother giving two men head but at the time didn't know what was going on. My mom was not the only mother in town that liked the men to pay attention to her. My very best friends mom hosted my 14th birthday party and since they lived on a lake front, we made a swim party out of it. After the party was over my friends mom asked if I would like to go for a ride in their new boot and added that she wanted to tell me something but didn't want her son to hear. I saw no problem so away we went. She made a few trips around the lake and then to my surprise, she cut the motor and there we sat in the middle of the lake. She became very direct, asked me if I had begun to have sex yet. I freaked out, this was the 1960's and no one talked about sex outside the boys locker room. I didn't know what to do, the truth was the only female I had seen naked was my mom. I had watched her finger herself just the night before and I thought she had seen me and asked Jim's mom to question me, of course that had nothing to do with this at all. Before I could think of how to answer her she dropped her bathing suit top and began to rub herself. She didn't say anything for a few moments and then very bluntly told me to touch her between her legs and see how wet she was. When I delayed, she took my hand and pulled me to her and helped me feel her up. Needless to say my swiming trunks did not hide the fact that I already had a full erection. She rubbed my legs and got pretty close to my penis but didn't actually touch it, damn, did that ever make me hard. We sat there for what seemed to be an hour when she suddenly told me to stand in front of her and before I knew it she was taking me into her mouth. Didn't take long, I unloaded for the first time ever into my best friends moms mouth. That summer she went on to teach me and as I found out later, several other teens, how to pleasure a women. In my mid 30's I attended a highschool reunion and learned the Jim had known his mom took me on that boat ride to have sex. What I didn't know until that day was that Jim was spending time with my mother and so were two other friends. Jim said he always felt bad about having sex with my mom until he knew for sure that I had stuck it to his mother too. Sure makes my home town sound like a bunch sick sex freaks live there but to the best of my knowledge no one was ever hurt, no one's marriage was screwed up because of what these two moms did with a few of us teens and besides, we all had very experienced instructors.

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