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In an effort to publish a text on exhibitionist behaviors and philosophies in modern society, this page is intended for an academic sociological collection of experiences and opinions regarding exhibitionism only. We attempt to provide a conservative, yet open-minded, format to preserve the integrity of this project and to protect the viewpoints of all our contributors.

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GENDER: Female
TITLE: Take my Picture

I'm in my early 40's, full bodied and don't mind if a few good men enjoy looking at me. Over the past several years I have begun to enjoy an exhibitionist life style. I buy most of my cloths with the thought in mind of how much will it let me show off without being real obvious. I live alone now so I don't have to worry about a husband or boyfriend objecting. I never take chances at work or around co-workers, but on weekends I always head out of town and look for new ways to excite myself while showing off my body to young men. About a month ago I was in sports bar checking out the young men when I noticed a sign on the men's room door said out or order. The ladies room was used by all and it didn't take long for me to notice that some of the men were not waiting but were going to the alley through a side door down the hall from the restrooms. I waited until a small group of men headed for the alley and followed them a minute or two later. Sure enough, when I stepped into the alley there were two men standing right in front of me peeing in the alley. They both looked right at me and kept their flow going. The third Man was behind a dumpster so I had to step into the alley to see him, when I did he turned and displayed a remarkable erection. I froze, could not stop looking at his huge penis. By now his two friends had finished and were standing very close to me. I thought what the hell, lifted my dress (never wear panties) and began to pee in front of all three men. To make a long story a bit shorter, I had sex right there next to the dumpster and before we finished we had 7 men watching us. I was a little concerned that some or all of them would want to have sex also but I guess when I finished the guy off with some good oral sex and some of his cum was on my face and lips, no one else wanted sloppy seconds that night. I left the alley and tried to clean up as best I could and left the bar. When I returned to my motel room I left the curtain open enough for someone to have a good few, took all my cloths off and stood there facing the window masterbating until I came. The thought of seeing men pee, then peeing for them and finally haveing that monster penis pushed into me made my orgasiam very intense. I really don't know if anyone saw me masterbating or not, but I still think of that night and get wet.

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Exhibitionist Stories

SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
TITLE: Food court

I have always fantasized about seeing what I'm not supposed to when women are wearing short skirts or dresses. This is my main fantasy that I try to experience in real life. But this story is a turnabout that surprised me. My wife had to go to a bridal shower one Sunday. I had made no plans; I figured I would do some gardening. But it was an extremely hot and humid mid-July day. So, I decided to go to the mall, hoping to see some young women wearing tiny dresses that I could get a glimpse up. But, I was disappointed after walking all around the mall, it seemed they were all being practical and wearing shorts, just like me. So, I finally bought a computer magazine and decided to go to the food court and get a pop and see if anything developed. I actually got interested in an article in the magazine. At one point, two young moms started pulling tables together to my right. One of the moms had two little boys, about two and four, and the other one had an infant. I pretty much ignored the commotion, but later looked up and realized that they instead had sat directly across from me. The first mother was standing at a separate table cutting up slices of pizza for the boys and the second mom was setting up to feed the baby from a jar of baby food she had brought along. I went back to my article. When I went to turn the page, I noticed that both moms were facing me, sitting on the same side of the table. This seemed a little odd. The first mom was eating a sandwich she had brought from home and the second one was still feeding the baby. They were not talking to each other at all. Then, I noticed that the first mom seemed to be staring at the floor between our tables, but in reality was glancing up, under my table, on a regular basis. I went back to my article, but snuck a glance down at my crotch. Sure enough, my shorts had ridden up a little and were fitting tightly against my genitals, giving a clear outline of them if you looked. In addition, it looked like there might be a little gap between my leg and the leg of the shorts on the left side, which was where everything was. I was wearing boxer type underwear that were briefly cut for comfort. I knew that when sitting my penis would always fall out of the left leg opening. I looked up at the moms again to make sure that I wasn't in fantasyland. Sure enough, mom number one was continually checking me out. The other mom seemed to be ignoring me, concentrating on the baby. Well, nature then took over and I started to get real hard. I loved the fact that this young mom was having a good time, probably soaking her panties, looking at me. I went back to my article, deciding that it would be more fun if I could act natural and not be fully erect. I started to settle down, as the article was fortunately pretty interesting. I glanced up again and saw that she was still at it. I cautiously looked down again and could see that I, in my semi-hard state, was straining against the leg of the shorts. She could probably see the tip of my cock or at least a dark spot that she might suspect was my cock. I knew I wouldn't be able to take this much longer without getting extremely hard and maybe even coming. So, I decided to go for broke. My pop was gone, so I closed my magazine to get ready to go. Then, while I picked up the bag to put the magazine away, I relaxed and let my legs spread all the way apart. I could feel that my penis was, no doubt, clearly visible to her. I glanced up at her while I pushed my chair back to get up. It was a sight to behold. Her eyes were as big as saucers and she was staring right at my crotch, no longer pretending not to look. I will never forget that look, I just loved everything about it. I liked to think about this experience later, and I always wondered if she told her husband about it or if she just attacked him that night when they went to bed. She had to be really turned on.

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Exhibitionist Stories

SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
GENDER: Female
TITLE: close shave

I'm a very well developed 30 somwthing that loves knowing that others enjoy my body. My next door neighbor has twin teenage boys that have a bedroom on there second floor that looks down into my bathroom. I almost always forget to pull the blinds when I shower at night. Since I enjoy having people see my body I try to keep in shape and that includes removing all body hair. The twins don't realize that I can see them in their window from the shower and I know they have been watching me for some time now. I know they really like the show I give them when its time to shave my pubic hair. After I'm done I just have to masterbate and always end up facing the window.

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If you would like to publish an entry,
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