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Exhibitionism Stories

Archive 60

This page is an archive of old male and female exhibitionist experiences that were submitted to our main Stories Page.

In an effort to produce a documentary style presentation on exhibitionism as a reality in society, this project was created with a specific mission and purpose in mind. We hope to enable sexuality researchers and ordinary people to read and write about perspectives regarding exhibitionist personalities and exhibitionism as it influences sexual activities, practices, and general sexuality in society.

Exhibitionism Stories Post

SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
TITLE: Naked in the sauna and steam room

I occasionally visit a male-only centre with saunas, steam baths, spa pools and rest areas. Now I cannot see the point in going into a sauna or steam bath with a large towel around one's waist, but that's what a lot of the men I see do. Often there is one man who has removed his towel, and I immediately join him, for not only do I wish to be completely naked in those surroundings but I also like to be seen and watched. I will play with my penis, though not a full masturbation at that stage as there is plenty of opportunity throughout the evening. When I have finished with the sauna, steam room and spa pool, I go to the rest area which has small cubicles, some with and some without doors. I take a sachet of lubrication from a box on the wall and select a cubicle without doors. I lay my towel on the padded bench, break open the sachet of lube, relax on the bench, massage lube into my penis and start masturbating in full view of anyone passing the doorway. I seek no reward other than that someone may be stimulated by the sight of me masturbating, approach me, remove his towel and start masturbating himself. On one occasion, two men did just this, and our three-penis circle-jerk was admired by several others who crowded the doorway to watch. A very satisfying climax to my exhibitionism!

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Exhibitionismt Stories Post

SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
TITLE: Taking care of memaw

Once my mother asked me if I would mind spending the weekend helping my memaw around her house as her live-in nurse had to take off for the weekend for personal reasons. I said that it would be fun, plus I would not have to take the long 12 mile bus ride home, I could walk the several blocks to school on Friday and then walk back to school Monday. So when Friday morning came, I packed clean cloths for school on Monday along with my PJ's (had to stay inside with memaw so thought PJ's would be more than sufficient). When school was out, I walked over to memaws house and found her sitting up in her bed watching TV; her nurse waiting for me so she could leave. I really loved my memaw and loved to spend time with her, so I sat in bed with her doing my home work and watching TV. When it was time for me to fix our supper, my memaw wanted to know if I could help her to the restroom. I was not prepared for this, but quickly realized that if I was to take care of her, this was to be expected of me, so I helped her out of her bed and let her brace herself against me as we walked to the restroom. When we got there, she asked me to help her off with her gown, which I did. She then turned to face me and I have to say I was well pleased with the site. She had nice firm breasts even for her age and her pubic area was not all old and grandmotherly looking. She looked a lot like what I had seen in Penthouse; I felt an erection quickly forming and I was glad I had on bluejeans. I helped her sit and waited for her to finish her business. She asked that I fetch her robe instead of putting her gown back on, so I went and got it, helped her stand; helped with her robe, then led her back to the bed. After getting her settled back into the bed, I went to the kitchen and fixed our supper. After supper I washed the dishes and decided it was time for me to get my bath and go on to bed. So I fixed the cot in my memaws room that the nurse used and let memaw know I was going to get my bath. She told me that she needed to get one too and wanted to know if I could bath her before I took mine. I had not thought of this, but again realized that she had to bath some how, so I asked her to tell me what needed to be done. She told me to run a bath for her, about half full, then to come get her and help her into the tub. So I did. She had one of those deep cast iron legged tubs and I had to hold on to her pretty tight to help her into the tub. In doing so I got a breast in my face and had to place my arm around her under her breasts as I lowered her into the tub. I then got the wash cloth and soaped it up and started cleaning my memaw's face and neck as I sat on the tub. After a bit she suggested that if I was going to get a bath, why not just get in the tub with her. I was unsure as I had an erection that was bursting at the fly to get free, but my memaw then said she knew about my problem and it was expected and it was ok. After a moment of thought, I stood up and undressed. My memaw looked at my erection and smiled, then invited me to get into the tub; I did. I sat down in the water and picked the wrag up and started cleaning her arms. Memaws breasts bobbed in the water now that I had got in and risen the level. Looking at them I could feel my erection throbbing. After a minute she asked me if I was going to wash all of her or just her arms, and she took my hand and put it on a breast. I started washing it and had to scoot forwardward to get to it better. When I did, she slid forward towards me also. I felt my erect penis hit her softness between her legs then get all hot. If felt nice and memaw did not say anything so I continued washing her breasts. After a bit she told me I had to wash the bottom also, so I got on my knees so I could was her mound and pubic area. As I got up on my knees I felt the hotness goway as my erection lost contact with her softness. I washed pubic area and she told me to make sure I washed inside. At her urging, I used my finger to make sure all the crevices and openings were well washed. After this I washed myself and when I stood to wash my erection my memaw looked at it and sighed. She then reached for the rag and asked me to step closer. I did and she washed my erection and fondled it and my package for a long time. It really felt wonderful. After a while, she told me to get out and help her out of the tub. I did and felt her nude body against mine and my erection was pressing against her mound as I helped her step out of the tub. I dried her then dried myself. I started to put her robe on her but she said no, she was not going to wear it tonight. She then wanted me to help her to bed, so I did. I was fixing to put on my PJ's and lay on the cot when my memaw suggested that I sleep in the bed with her instead of the cot, and not to bother with ther PJ's. So I stood there looking at her nude body laying on the bed, her legs widly spread so I had a good look. My erection was still there. My memaw saw me looking and asked if I would like to take a closer look at her yo-nee (that is what she called it) and I said yes. She said to come and examine her body and touch it and do what ever I felt like to see how she was built. So I did. I lay between her legs and looked at her in detail and played with everything. After about 30 minutes are so, my memaw asked me to give her a good night kiss so I started to crawl around her, but she said no, to lay on top of her and give her the kiss. I did and could feel my erection mashing into her softness again. I fell asleep laying on top of my memaw like this. The next day my memaw taught me a lot about what being a man really was all about. The next two days, a Saturday and Sunday, two days that I will never forget, taught me more about important things in this life than any other lesson I have ever had since.

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Exhibitionism Stories Post

SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
TITLE: Teen Fantasy

I have always tried to have girls catch me in various stages of undress. Right now, the only thing I have on are a pair of white cotton briefs and naturally I have a great hard-on. Oh how I wish about 5 pretty teenage girls would walk in the room and catch me in my briefs playing with my dick. I know that they would all giggle and tell me to put on a masturbation show for them. I would gladly want to please them and do as they ask. I would stand up and each girl would then take a hold of my briefs and all together slowly (I mean oh soooo slowly) pull then down because they couldn't wait to see my rock hard dick. I would then masturbate while the girls cheer me on. Just thinking about this and my briefs are so wet with my pre-cum. My dick feels so great, I don't want the pleasure to end.

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Exhibitionism Stories Post

TITLE: educating girls

When in a locker room I heard some schoolgirls giggling in the adjoining room. Obviously they were peeping into the men´s. I got horny in an instant and remained naked. My dick got stiff with some jerks and my mushroom bloomed in his blueish joy and became shiny. I started to pull my foreskin up and down turned towards the ladies´room. The whispering and sniggering ceased. They watched. I did my wanking show for several minutes presenting my swollen penis in several positions. Then I started my noisy finish with much moaning. At last I splashed 5 or 6 jets of thick wite goo against the wall and then let the remainder dribble. Some seconds later the murmur amongst the teenies started again. I left to escape unknown, but was spied by the spectators, who blushed, when I looked at them. At home I had along shaking session with much satisfaction to have shown some early teens, what a boner is able to do. For the most of the 4 or 5 curious girls it certainly has been the first time.

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