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Exhibitionism Stories

Archive 66

This page is an archive of old male and female exhibitionist experiences that were submitted to our main Stories Page.

In an effort to produce a documentary style presentation on exhibitionism as a reality in society, this project was created with a specific mission and purpose in mind. We hope to enable sexuality researchers and ordinary people to read and write about perspectives regarding exhibitionist personalities and exhibitionism as it influences sexual activities, practices, and general sexuality in society.

SEXUALITY: Undecided
TITLE: Snow, sun, public orgasm.

I have often done some daring things, but here is one of the best. There was snow on the ground, and people were huddled in heavy clothes. I get off on being able to take it much better than most people, and I decided to go out somewhere to see what sort of fun I might get out of it. I wore what I always do: black jeans, black denim jacket (no shirt), and boots and socks. After getting some hot drink inside me to help against the cold I left the flat and walked through three miles of city to a huge high park. Normally I would have the jacket buttoned up, but despite the below freezing air I had it half open. It was a ragged thing, torn at the elbows, and it let the cold air in everywhere. The sun blazed in a very clear sky, and the contrast of warm sun and freezing wind turned me on so much I felt hot and hard, and the rush of excitement went to my dick. Several times as I walked as steadily as I could on the icy streets, I got an uncontrollable hard-on that distorted my jeans. When I got to the park I was not so turned on at first, because my legs ached from the effort of staying upright, and the cold had begun to get to me a bit. Besides, I had a cracked boot that let in snow, which compacted and filled annoyingly as I started to cross the wide white land. I chose to walk well away from the crowds of people with their sleds and tea-trays at the top of the south-facing slope, and went over the golf course, now covered with tracks of feet, and of tyres and cross-country skis. There were few untouched areas, and though there was great emptiness, I guessed it would not stay that way. As I passed the shack that passed for a clubhouse, I saw people much closer to me, and a few tens of yards later I nerved myself to get the jacket off. It was really cold, and a cramped feeling on my skin made me feel so conspicuous that I put it on again within minutes. I reached the top of the park feeling rather stupid, and leaned against a big old lump of tree trunk placed there for horse jumps, resting in the sun and emptying my boot. The cold left my foot, and I felt so much better immediately, and the sun was warm, and I had to get it on my bare skin right then and there, so I got the jacket off and leaned back with my breath clouding the air, and a raging hard in my jeans. I walked back the way I came, my jacket in my left fist, and I deliberately put my shoulders back, touching my bare chest with my other hand in full view of people on a path less than a hundred yards away. I walked as free and easy as if I was on a beach. I was wet at the end of my dick now, so I got it out. I walked a few tens of yards before I noticed other people coming toward me. I stowed it quickly, but I just had to brazen out the fact that I was shirtless. They passed far enough away for us not to need to aknowledge each other, but I watched them obviously, so I knew they were aware of me. I was so turned on now that I had to see this through. As soon as they were someway past, I bared my dick again and walked a few hundred yards with my full length showing out. I got my balls out, eager to get as crude as possible now, and the zip digging into my skin did nothing to stop my enjoyment. I really like going shirtless in cold weather, so I already had a slight tan, and when I looked down at the contrast of wiry body against white snow I was so turned on by the stark reality of what I was doing that I started touching my dick a few times. I knew that most of the increasing number of people would know I was shirtless, and I imagined that I was distant enough for there to be doubt about the state of my dick, but one dog-walking couple kept retracing their steps near a spinney about fifty yards off, instead of walking round it as I had hoped. The risk made a cool rush of lust that had me going for my dick. I headed for the sparse shelter of a thin scraggy bush, and as I watched them retreat I wanked very openly, my fingers slipping on the end of my shaft. I pulled the foreskin back, and I realised they were not walking away, but toward me. As I was not actually trying to get arrested, and did not mean to offend, I turned and walked on. I still had my dick out though. I looked around, and saw no other cover, so I walked into the widest area I could, to avoid being too close to people. I was totally obvious about it though, because I couldn't care less anymore. The first group I passed were coming back, and the couple crossed their path some way ahead of them, sometimes watching me. I was close to that club-house, too, but the movement of people there just turned me on more. I turned to face the sun, arched my shoulders right back and looked at the icy sky while vigorously jerking off to a full public orgasm. When I'd done, I calmly shook the cum off my dick and shoved it in my jeans and walked away. For several hundred yards I didn't even bother to put my jacket on.

Exhibitionism Stories

SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
TITLE: Cumming to the movies

When I was a kid I liked going to the matinee movies during the summer because it was air conditioned and it only cost a dollar. One of my favorite activities was sitting behind unsuspecting women and jacking off. I just really enjoyed looking at them and smelling their perfume. The city I lived in was pretty small and all white. Sometimes a man craves variety but I had no idea what was in store for me. It was an ungodly hot day and I was off to the movies when I got there I was shocked to see a very beautiful Asian woman waiting in line to buy I ticket. She was wearing a short red dress; she had long shimmering black hair, sunglasses and these full red lips. I found that I had an instant erection in my shorts. I hurried into line so I could hear what movie she was going to see. I followed her into the theater and was thrilled to find that she was alone. The theater was nearly empty so I sat a few rows back and just took in her beauty. As more people arrived I moved in behind her and to her right. She was even more erotic up close! My penis was straining to be let out. About 20 minutes into the movie I pulled my aching cock out and began to slowly stroke it as I watched the side of her face. She made a soft sign and sat up a little bit and then did something that made my heart skip a beat. She stretched, gathered up her hair and dropped it over the back of her seat. I felt really wicked so I slipped into the seat behind her. She slid down in her seat and offered me about 2 feet of shimmering black hair. I wanted so bad to touch it, stroke it and smell her sexy hair. All I could do was stare at it and pound my meat. Within minutes my orgasm arrived like a run away train and I pumped copious amounts of sperm into her hair. I was horrified, I though for sure she felt it! She didn’t move she didn’t do anything. I settled down and watched more of the movie. Within 30 minutes my cum had soaked into her hair and I found my cock erect again. I spent the next 45 minutes staring at her hair and stroking my cock again before I felt the rush of another orgasm. My penis spit wad after wad into her hair again. By this time my penis was raw and I was sure she was going to turn around and start screaming. Much to my pleasure and surprise she did nothing. Soon the movie was over and the credits were running. She gathered up her stuff and began leaving the theater without even looking at me. I followed her to the lobby where I was scandalized to see my sperm running down her hair and making a wet spot on her butt. The best part was nobody noticed but me, it was my own obscene little show.

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SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
TITLE: Will it ever happen again?

I'm 40 now and I was at a group home in Larkspur Colorado when I was 14. It was all young guys who'd been in trouble and needed a straightening out. There were about 40 young men and there was one guy Ron who other guys had joked with and called him gay, etc. One night I went into his room and was just hanging out with him and I mean litterally! I started having thoughts and he was laying on his stomach on his bed. I had these ski pants on and they zipped down benieth my crotch and I was getting a hardon talking to him. I would make sexual enuendos and before I knew it, I pulled out my cock which at the time was only about 7 inches but a big head and I pulled his head towards my cock and rubbed the head of my cock on his lips. At first it caught him by suprise and he pulled away imberrassed, confused and seemed a little mad at first. Then, it blew over for a few minutes and then I laid down on his bed, rolled over on top of him since he was laying on his stomach and started humping and grinding on his ass. He giggled and I know he could feel my cock hard cock pressing and grinding on his ass. That ended and we continued to talk in his room. He stood up and we were still talking and I jokingly pulled his hips and butt towards me and once again starting rubbing my rock hard cock all over his cute little butt. He says, "Ewww Baby!", then pulled away. I said to him, "Come on, lets go out in the woods and play." I was so horney by this time and he said, "No way." I said, "why?" He said, "you'll tell the others." I said, "no I wont!" He agreed and when we got to our spot which became our regular spot after this night, he said once again, "I'm afraid you'll tell." I reached down and grabbed his cock through his pants, God, I could not believe the size of his thick cock. It was huge! I began scrambling eagerly to get his pants unzipped, finally I said, "you do it!" I was shaking but I wanted his big thick cock now! He unzipped his pants, unbuckled his belt and I dropped to my knees. I pulled out his cock and it was enormous! I grabbed his thick cock and put it right in my mouth and took it all! I sucked his cock as he stood for a few minutes and then I said, "So you think I'll tell the others?" He said, "No", I said, lay down. He laid back and I continued to suck his gorgeous thick cock for a good half an hour then he said, "let me suck yours." I pulled mine out and he sucked it so good! It didn't take long at all before I came and he swallowed every drop. He begged me to put it in his ass, but it wouldn't go. It was too tight and we needed lubrication. We made a regular thing of this and eventually, I gave it to him. He wanted to do me but I wouldn't let him. He was just too big, but I've always regretted it. If I had the chance now, he'd be doing me for hours!

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